It’s like a cigarette.

You know the warnings, the stories but you’re going to need this one to get through the morning.

Just like a cigarette.

You pick it up.
Light it up.
Breathe it in,
For a second it’s going to blunt the sharpness while you give what you see some kind of positive spin.

*cough cough*

It doesn’t really matter. You and I know that it’s just a name right? Something unnecessary. A relic of the old world.

Don’t acknowledge it.
Don’t engage.
Don’t waste your time.
Light it up.

Just like a cigarette.
*cough cough*

It’s something that I do… Over and over… Just between me and you …Nobody’s really fooled…

You need to do what you need to do to get by right?
The system’s too big. You can’t fix it. It’s failings. Why even try?

*cough cough*

It’s tough. You know you’re right. We’re all equal. It makes sense. If only the world outside reflected what we know in our hearts.

Close your eyes.
Take a puff.

Just like a cigarette.

Think of the victories of our mothers and fathers. We’ve come so far. We have so many freedoms. Be grateful. Keep your head down, work hard. Focus.

*cough cough*

Sorry do you have a lighter?
You walk out to the corner. Smoking feels better when done in chains no?

It’s just like a cigarette.

They tell us second hand smoke kills? The tragedy of it all is that we all get to breathe it in against our will.

For now let’s sit together.
Sit in silence for a while.  Wait for the cancer to strike while we wait in denial.

*cough cough*

Inspired by Cigarettes by Fort Minor


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