A word or two for the Baby Boomers

I do not trust you.

You have survived many wars of many kinds and faced difficulties in an age that I can just barely conceptualize.

But I still don’t trust you.

You speak now in the common language of freedom spinning stories and tales of Great Men and – I guess – sometimes women, of heroic moral fibre from the so called Great Days of Old.

I do not trust you.

You disguise the legacy of your generation with tales of Action. Revolution. Downright Dogged Perseverance. Painstaking sacrifice. Compromise. Which we know to be all true, after all it is seen so clearly from the battle scars and infected wounds you wear bravely on your weathered bodies and faces; it is heard from the mournful tone of your voice.

But you mask from us the gravity of what has been lost, what is being lost, and what we stand to lose.

You encourage us to seek employment. You receive us with confusion and skepticism, taken aback by our decisions and disdainful of our blatant disrespect for that thing you call a “career”.

You urge us to strive for what you might call economic freedom, or perhaps if you prefer to emotionally blackmail us then you say – what do you call it? Stability.

You wish to transfer to us your disillusionment with what you scathingly call “Politics” because you have lost faith in the structures born from your own installation. You are demoralized, and we can see it.

You call us apathetic, narcissistic and who knows what else – perhaps you can tell me better?

But we’ve learnt this from you, Mr & Mrs Baby Boomer.

You’ve had us on Ritalin from the day of our birth. And you continue to drug us with docile ideas that discourage us from making changes and taking risks against the status quo that you fought so hard to produce.

“Don’t worry keep studying, get a job, work hard, do your bit, things will change with time.”

Do you see why I don’t trust you?

You want this world to change but you cripple our thinking with the persistent, and remarkably consistent, suggestion that someone else will deliver us from where we are now, to where you hoped we would all be.

For today, Mr & Mrs Boomer, I have just these last few words to share with you.

Drop this label of “youth”. Release us from your patronizing embrace. We have discovered your naiveté, don’t invite us to your  table. Engage with us in dialogue like equals, let’s rediscover this world and incite a new kind of political imagination together.

Wake up, and step aside if you are not willing to help us remedy the destruction caused by of your legacy. Work with our generation and not for our generation, we are in the room and we are capable.

Most of all confront your past and face your demons so that we can begin to unpack why we are who we are. If you continue to mask the nuances of the world you created then I must tell you that you, Mr & Mrs Boomer are an obstacle of progress, and you too like everything else that impedes our movement, will be overcome.


Don Quixote



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