Love is like an Old Song

Love is like an old song.

Like something from the 60’s.. A time before I was here. A romantic deep voice crooning out soothing tones that say so much and yet so little.. Tones that cut right through your very being and yet feel so light and innocent upon your ear.

Like an old song, is Love.

Pitch Perfect. Reminiscent of a time that probably never was. Painting the most colourful of pictures in our minds, and it’s a classic every time.

Love is like an old song.

It’s brings upon me…

a feeling of sheer playfulness.

To laugh because you feel so much joy  that you simply cannot hold it all in your chest.

To laugh at that old song.

a feeling of hopelessness… of irrecoverable loss.

To cry because you are overwhelmed, taken over by emotions that you physically cannot bring to words. To release a great weight from within your very soul before you are simply crushed.


To cry with that old song.

a feeling of empowerment, a resounding call to assert yourself on the world.

To sing at the top of your lungs. Because you know all the words, to that old song. To sing, if not shout, that old classic as if no one can hear the cracks in your voice and the trembles in your cords.

To sing that old song.

a feeling that gets you up and out off your bed.. your couch.. or your hands off the steering wheel to clap and jive along to that old song.

To dance, like nobody is watching. To feel every emotion echoed from the words of a legend. Embracing a time in your life that those words and those tones represent. Getting lost in the rhythm and blues in any which way you choose.

To dance along to that old song.

Yes.. Love is like an old song.

Bringing joy to your face when you hear it.. in a resturant.. on the street corner from a car driving by.. in the grocer.

It can take you by surprise.

It can happen anywhere.

It can bring you to tears in a heart beat.

It can invoke the purist joy that goes beyond any tangible explanation.

It can give you great comfort.

It can bring to the surface what lies so delicately underneath.


You can forget about it for a while. But that old song will still be there.. whether you’re there to listen to it or not.

Yes… Love is like an old song. 



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