Man, let’s get something straight.

I’m am here to write Propaganda.


Make no mistake,

I’m here and I have an Agenda.


I pose my thoughts to you in protest.

I am not seeking a “middle ground”. Don’t get that twisted. I’m pushing for dialogue.

No doubt.

But don’t misunderstand me to mean that I will entertain your monologue..

That seeks to tamper my message.

Pacify my outcry.

Or restrain my movement.


Man, I’m pushing an Agenda.


Let’s just make it clear about that.

I’m going to speak to you with a kind of confidence that would have you believe I speak the language of “facts”.


And I need you to know and to understand that I must do this.

I need you to know and understand that while sitting on the fence with our words and our politics.. do we realise how many crucial boats we stand to miss?


Man, I’m chanting Propaganda.

Over and over, till we can awaken from this collective coma.


“We shall overcome”

The struggle continues.

This was never about laws. Or Written Rights.

And it never will be.

“We shall overcome”


I join the company of those now and those before me, in pursuit of the root of our inequality.

Remembering and Contending to myself and the rest to think with an intersectional mentality.


Man, let us write Propaganda.

Join me, and Write. Speak. And Sing. With an Active Agenda.


I’m not going to tell you that change is coming, because frankly it never stopped.

We are not late, we are on time. And we carry with us the responsibility of a World that can simply never be dropped.




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