Completely and utterly overwhelmed.

Pushed to my knees by the brute force of reality.

Looking to my Mother Earth as she continues to weep…

With tears that fall upon her perfectly imperfect form for all the children she must keep..





In every direction. Without question I am surrounded.

Like dark clouds around me.

Dark. Ominous. The air is electric with expectation.

For the storm that is to come upon me.





Without Direction. Without comprehension. Where am I? Lost.

Left walking through this empty-full city.

Following directions from strangers without faces.

Travelling towards destinations without names.

Searching for places and spaces that can only be felt..





Without Understanding. Stunned and Speechless. Just plain Confused.

Shrugging my shoulders.

“I mean what now…?”

“Who am I…?”

“Why am I here…?”

I’m confused.

Searching answers for questions that have in their essence contradictions infused.





Overcome by emotion. Breaking down, here there and everywhere. Hurt.

Sitting here. Standing there. Just crying.

Sometimes with my eyes.

Sometimes in ways that you can’t see with yours.

No longer able to articulate. Or reason.

Covering my face from time to time.

From faceless strangers who artfully perform my company in mime.





Surrounded by crowds of people. Friends. Family. But I am still somehow solitary. Alone.

Distrustful of embraces from these faceless faces given to me in these unnamed spaces and places.





Carrying a burden on my shoulders not fit for any one person.

Crying now with my Mother Earth who cannot bear to stop weeping…

All the while watching her children in their solitude. Living, breathing and eating while softly and simply just sleeping.


Photocredits: Gokul Nair (Instragram: GOKU_EXPLORESCAPETOWN)


Note from Brian and Gokul:

This is a composition that is very close to you hearts. We decided to come together, myself with my pen and my good friend Gokul with his camera. Sometimes between friends it is difficult to have certain type of conversations, it is difficult to convey emotions that you can’t dare to articulate to yourself let alone anyone else. So in acknowledgement of this we would like to share with you our dialogue. Our individual experience of being Overwhelmed told through each of our lenses, side by side one another. Together but separate.


If you like the pictures I encourage you to follow Gokul on Instagram! Every photo you see was taken in and around the Beautiful City of Cape Town!

Come back soon.


Brian & Gokul


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