Fuck the Police

Fuck the Police.

Who are the Police?
Where are the Police?
Why must they Police?

These, my dear Compadres are burning questions that bite you.
When “your” own Police. Your Protection Force come to fight you.

Who are the Police?

At what point did we succumb to their authority.
Why does my heart race in his presence. In her company. 
Why do they. Invoke in my bones. Fear. As a priority.

Who are these urban soldiers?
Protecting the lives of the rich. From the creep of the lives of the poor upon them. Criminalising. Marginalising. Bolder and Bolder.

Who are these souls?
These ones who carry by their sides. Fire Arms.
Made of Steel. Cold.

Who are these spirits?
Known to take bribes.
Known to feign deafness against the voices of the voiceless.
Forcing back into their homes the Defenceless. Who come to them to act against violence as their Defences.

Who are these Protectors?
Who actively introduce doubt into citizens who are forced to deliver their testimonies. Still carrying the burden of their trauma. Violently forced to unpack their memories.
The Police.
Those who shirk off their responsibilities to us. Fulfilling not much more than the role of Political Deflectors.

Where are the Police?

Why do you police the leafy suburbs so diligently?
Why do I struggle to find you when I walk far away from the clean and clear streets that rarely need your action.
Why do I meet you at the end of every party held by youth in the suburbs?
Yet rarely do we meet you when the very same people are targeted walking from local libraries. When they fetch their groceries.
Where are you then?
When my sisters feel anxious on their way home. When they are heckled. Howled at. Raped.
Where are you then?

Tell me.

Why do you appear out in scores at parties in the central parts of the city. For Parliament. For Presidents.
Yet you are absent on those very same streets when crimes against us are actually committed.

Why do arm yourselves and come in numbers to police Protests for Peace.
And yet make yourself scarce when these citizens experience everyday violence. Against their very own bodies.

Why do you Police?

I provoke you with this question.
After all. You are well known for practising Racism. Brutality against our fellow women and men.
You are well known for committing many crimes. In fact. Too many to mention.

Why should we trust you?
Why shouldn’t we now rescind your Power?
Prove to us you can transform your behaviour.
Stop pretending to stand for peace. Don’t pretend you are our saviour.

Why do you Police?
Answer me.
Now Repeat yourself. Do you believe your answer?
Can you fulfill your purpose for existence?
Can you meet your mandate?
Are you an ally on our fight to rid our world of hate?

If you can’t. My Police. Your Police. Our Police.
Then we must and will remove you from our space.
In order to build for ourselves a safer place.

We don’t need to be Policed

Of this I am convinced.

We must move soon. And restructure.
If we want to build a new world. We will need new infrastructure.

Fuck the Police.

Mr Police.

Your structure so blatantly Gendered.
Soon. Very soon.
I think. Obsolete.
Your behaviour will be rendered.

Safety, Peace and Security for all.
Fuck the Police.
Once and for all.


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