Picture this.

Picture This.



Picture This.

Breathe in. Breathe Out.

Close your eyes. Keep them shut. Now try and Look at me.

Close your Mouth. Bite your teeth. Purse your lips. Now try and Shout.


Welcome to the World. Young Man. Young Woman.

Look around and take it in.

Take your place upon this cliff.

Don’t relax. Pay close attention. Hands at your sides. Don’t fall.


But calm down my dear. Don’t be stiff.




Can you see?
The world below our feet. .

Is so Green.

So vast. And Alive.

Yet – equally too – is it so deathly desolate. And Dry.

Yet here we are. Standing together as custodians.

Occupying a throne that we have just simply taken.

Perched here on top of our world.

Breathe it in.

Let it out.

Take in your hand. The land.

The flesh of the Earth. The Sand.

Feel what it is to be one with the soil on which each day. We stand.


Picture this.


Stroll out onto the water.


Wade in the Water.

Join your Familia.

Wade in the Water.

Sing along to this old freedom song.

Wade in the Water.


Let the Hymns of the Slaves. Of the old days send shivers up and down your spine.

Step into the ice cold pool of our past. And give just this one moment some of your time.

Picture This.




Dry yourself in the sunlight.

Lift your Gaze up towards the horizon.

But, don’t look right at it..

Don’t raise your eyes.. Too high..

It’s just too bright.



Marvel at the Skyline.

Take it in. The Infinite space. Spread out in all directions.

Shrouded in the mystery of promises left unfulfilled.

Inciting dreams upon dreams of boundless opportunities that somehow just demand.

Our Protection.


Picture this.




Dust yourself off.

Come to attention.

Brace your body. Your Soul.

For the pain and strength you’ll need for our journey.

Trust me, this one is going to take it’s toll.


Put your best foot forward.

Prepare to scale each and every mountain.

Prepare to walk our never ending path towards the ever changing paintings that lie draped over our horizon.


In order to fulfill this. Our ambitious Quest.

We must harness the efforts of the collective.

Share our tales and stories. From our travels. Be reflective.


Picture this.


2014-09-03 10.44.52 1


My love. My friend.

Take Arms.

Your Arms.

And lift aside the obstacles in your path.

Clench your fist for battle.

And then relax your hand.

To collect the Tears of the Earth.

Upon your Palm.

For this moment. Have empathy.

Listen to what can be heard.

Engage with us. In our collective. Therapy.


Picture this.




Child of Tomorrow.

Child of Today.

Child of Yesterday.

The responsibility of your freedom. Our Freedom.

Is left to you.

Fight on.

You simply must.

Child of the Earth.

My love. My friend.


In you. Our lives. We Trust.


Photocredits: Gokul Nair (Instragram: GOKU_EXPLORES)



This piece is a collaboration once again with my good friend Gokul Nair. I strongly encourage you to follow his works as he explores Cape Town through his lenses. 

We were determined to put together a message that was a bit more positive than our last collaboration (Overwhelmed: http://wp.me/p3S2Q9-7p)  and we ended up with Picture This. Our process was similar, all the photos here where taken in and around Cape Town and we constructed this piece separately in an attempt to share with you each of our interpretations of this message that is very important to us.

Till next time!





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