Note: Woodstock is a suburb of Cape Town currently undergoing rapid Gentrification


Woodstock. Walking around Taking Stock.
New eyes. Old signs. Hitting my head. Against a rock.


By streets. Glittery. Pretty.
Juxtaposed. With Streets. Dirty. And ever so Gritty.

Coffees and Toffees.
Sweets. And tasty spirits.

Lying carefully poised on the tarmac. With toothaches. Weather torn hands. Pain Stricken Faces.
Stress. Depression. And deathly spirits.

Woodstock. Walking through.
Confused. Nothing to do.

But write.
Not even sure with whom to fight.

Biting my tongue.
Clenching each fist. Feeling the heat. Of the African Sun.

Standing beside. The newly built prettiness.
Walking over. Dust and Dirt. And blackness that’s hard to miss.

Whiteness.Rightness.Urban Design?
Darkness.Artless.Petty Theft.Petty Crime.

Farmers Markets.
Tourists.White.Target Markets.

Working class.Serving class.
Cleaning up.Messed up. What a farce.

Young entrepreneurs. And artists.
Full of promise. Growing their shiny new start-ups.

Rushing to work. 12 hours. 16 hours
Barely affording commodities. Can’t keep up with these ever growing mark ups.

Leather belts. Imported Coffee.
Vegan Burgers. Green Economy.

Dusty streets. Unused buildings.
Old clothes. Forgotten corners.  What economy?

Glass doors. Clean floors.
Handsome men. And pretty women.

Rain coats. Uniforms.
Factory bound? Industry driven.

Green trees. High fashion.
Look at me.

No trees. Functional shoes.
Head facing down. Did you even notice me?

Class divides. Blind lies.

Nelson Mandela. ’94. Weak Ties.

Woodstock. Craft beer. Design house.
Woodstock. Crime.Fear. Good old Game. Of Cat and Mouse.


Square glasses. Designer Lenses. Clear sight.
Vague pictures.Class crimes.Right here.In Plain sight.

Woodstock Exchange.
Design for change?
New Name?
Problems the same.

Old Biscuit Mill.
Plenty of food. Families. Giddy Goodwill.
Card Guards. Stand Guard. Job crisis.Lack of genuine Political Will.

Art Exhibitions. Live Music. International compositions.
Entrepreurship.Development.Improvement through competition?

Warehouse.Now a house.Loft-Style Apartments.
My house. Brick face. Old residents? Departed.

Bright eyes. Bushy tails.
Life’s about the journey. Don’t worry it’s okay to fail.

Dark eyes. Heavy hearts. Hard hands.
Life’s about. Just Holding on.

Woodstock. Taking stock.
Lost cause.
Soft Pause.
Some things. I suppose.
Are just lost..Who knows?

– Don Quixote


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