The Gears are in Motion

The Gears are in Motion.



What an old phrase.

A very relevant analogy for an age old truth. That quietly and consistently manifests itself in new ways.

Each and Every day.

It rings very clearly. And very loudly of something dark and ominous. Take cover. While you may.

 The Gears are in Motion.

This describes quite nicely.

My fears. Of the steady desecration of values. That I hold very dearly.

It seems. We are moving in some kind of locomotion. En route. From one stage to another.

Ambivalent of individual empathies. Controlled by those who don’t even bother.

Regardless of this.

Even though we know something is amiss.

The Gears are in Motion.

How long does it take for us to feel the weight of our decisions?

Abortion Policies. Unemployment Action Strategies. Fiscal Restructuring. And other related missions.

5. 10. 15. 20 years?

Decisions made right this moment. Existing only in conception. Solidify into the reality of solid tangible. Future fears.

The Gears are in Motion. 

Apathy towards Political Movements.

Expert critics. Generation of Activists. Countless so called Social Movements.

Lacking in consolidation.

Flipping from issue to issue. Seemingly progressing without much consideration for the affirmative mission to ensure our collective continuation.

Living in a Nexus. Caught firmly in between.

A real world. And a digital alternative. Reluctantly lift our heads from the teat of reality. Trying desperately to ween.

The Gears are in Motion 

Standing shocked. At Political Idiocy.

Watching. Listening and reading while in front of us. Unfolds our history.

Broadcast on 24 hour channels.

Defying basic principles of constitutions. And conventions. Sitting comfortably. Discussing and Analysing with expert Panels.

Reading opinion pieces. Collecting and Collating. Balanced feelings. Balanced facts?

Fitting together bits and pieces. Constructing arguments. Winning them with tact.

The Gears are in Motion. 

Tuning in. Still Listening in. Watching. Praying?

Standing up. Take Arms. And Marching.

Fighting crusades for corporations. For our Sovereign Companies.

Spreading doctrine of private efficacy with great efficiency. Influencing Lives. Through undetected lies. Broadcasted via Monopolies.

The Gears are in Motion. 

Harsh realities of tomorrow. Decided through the outcomes of public battle grounds fought. On today.

Unfortunately far too many reasonable souls. Defer judgement. While reckless heads for battle. For sitting back. We will certainly have to pay.

Adverse selection? Politics “The Dirty Game”

Once again to our Generation of Activists. Who shrug of the impurity of this medium. Allow Politics to remain “dirty”. What a shame.

Non-Partisan citizens? Myths of wielders of Objectivity.

Apathy. Self-Righteousness. And Permanent Negativity.

The Gears are in Motion.

And are we to take notice?

Can we take action? Bring through great collective fortune? Tactile and Resilient in our hands. Beautiful like a Lotus.

Difficult conversations must be held right now.

Contesting and resolving our grievances. We must task ourselves with. Being in control of our ideologies.

We must. Rethink the state. Challenge the existence of Public Schools. Interrogate their Pedagogies.

The Gears are in Motion.

What am I to do?

What are you to do?

Should we join a Party? A collective? Be pragmatic?

Should we start a party? Develop our own organizations? Try different tactics?

It seems to me. That I keep coming back to the same point. And I’m convinced it’s true.

The battles must be fought on all fronts. I guess this is nothing new.

But are we really learning from history? We keep developing weapons. Training troops. Sharping our knives.

We can surely not continue to empower our “leaders” to make decisions. The steal from others. And all too often. Take lives.

Wars fought. Over disputes that tend to become largely abstract.

Wars driven to continue. By private and public. Commercial Contracts.

The Gears are in Motion.

 And I fear we are being propelled already into directions. That few would honestly consciously choose.

What will it take for us to take the wheel? What more do we honestly have to lose?

The Gears are in Motion.

What, now, are you going to do?

Back to work? Close this tab?

Open your books. Complete your time sheets. Head back to your Lab?

Just like me.

What a pity. Maybe tomorrow. We’ll see.

Regardless of our decision.

One thing I can say. With certain and clear precision.

A thought I might suggest will be difficult to contend.

My friend..

The Gears are in Motion.

– Don Quixote


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