Champions of Justice

Champions of Justice

I think that we are in serious trouble.
It’s hard to tell if we are being misdirected by men with evil intentions.
Or if we are spinning out of control. Tugged in all different directions. By our various Inventions.

We are inheriting a whole lot. Of trauma. We are carrying on our bodies. And in our bodies. Inter-generational psychological Injuries.
But the truth behind painful stories. And the refusal to accept responsibility for decisions. Is being shielded.
Our “parents” are doing there level best. It seems. To pretend like certain things did not happen.
The complexity and detail of what was won and lost in days gone past. Is kept behind classed gates.
It seems as though the burden of Social Equality. Hinges squarely on the wielders of various privileges.
Who is to keep in check the well intentioned Champions of Justice?
These self appointed. Yet publicly hailed. And then subsequently anointed.
Then Born into Kingdoms built on intangible principles that are said to deliver us from evil.
Champions who are granted inhumane divinity in death. Ascended into a principled level of abstraction.
Made the subject of countless empty ideological debate.
Installed as proxies for arguments that justify senseless hate.
Immortalised in depictions of Art.
A permanent guest in homes of Elites. Standing guard above dinning room tables.
A soulless spirit that permeates into classrooms. Travelling deep into childhood fables.

Champions of Justice

The merger between the “ideas” and what we physically believe to be possible.
They shape the narratives of our history.
Simplifying complex times. And shrouding stories of complex peoples in mystery..
-Yet somehow. Not a mystery that is treated with curiosity.
It’s treated with ambivalence. Nuance avoided with great Religiosity.
Forgotten to protect from pain. And shielded to hide from shame.

Narratives that are carried in solemn tales. Coded in our everyday.
Going along uncontested by most.Accepted as fact with its virtually ubiquitous prevalence.
Rejected by those who are afforded the luxuries that accompany the psychological privilege of vigilance.

Champions of Justice
In an age of mass marketing. This is a name.
Is one that several times. Without doubt. Will change. But whose meaning seems to remain the same.

How many of our young minds hold ambitions of developing themselves into billionaire philanthropists acting out of benevolence?
Hoping to address the clearly unjust world before them. With gifts of accumulated wisdom and boundless charity birthed from their celebrated fame.
Silently feeding their own self depreciating ideals. Dealing quiet but forceful blows. Acting out of unconscious malevolence.

Champions of Justice
Growing up. Dreaming of rising to the helm – as Captains of Industries.
The very industries they know. Very well. Disproportionately control their own lives.
In some sort of bid. It seems. To assert their own Power. In an effort to own Power.
Running with fervor. To participate in a suicidal Rat race.
Well prepared to unsheathe sharpened knives. To cut. To spite. Their very own pretty face.

Champions of Justice
Challenging Authority.
Until they become the Authorities. And then change their Priorities.
Bound to their actions by the dispositions. Slowly unable to see truth with any great deal of clarity.
Vision obstructed. Fair Judgement disrupted. By their ever growing popularity.
They seem to be existing so very separate from us.
Somehow special. Leading us. In front of us.
But they are also within us. In fact they are us?

Champions of Justice
Heralding in a new Dawn.
Fighting to protect our “Climate”.
For the benefit of our survival. For the prosperity of our society. For us. The ascended primates.
Promising an Oath to reverse our trends of escalating inequality.
Struggling to act. In ways beyond. Exercising individual authority.

Champions of Justice
Treasured companions of the Great Lord Don Quixote
Leading us from one battle to the other. Facing against the beasts of our own construction.
Marching together with us. Triumphantly on our relentless road towards our own destruction.

Champions of Justice.
Champions of Justice?
I wonder.. If you and I are.. Champions of Justice?
Can we be trusted?


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