In a Shadow.

In a Shadow.

Standing in a Shadow. That is a specific kind of darkness. It is to be incarcerated. To be restrained. By the boundary cast by light. Sourced from far, far way. Granting me the privilege of sight. Allowing me to see. Just enough. To keep me scared enough to remain. In the comfort of darkness of a Shadow.

In a Shadow.

Walking behind. In the wake of steps that move forward? Walking in directions. That have no point of reference. But argue to still somehow. Hold virtuous relevance.

At the mercy of movement tied to the projections of solid objects.
Finding form in Shade.
Wading in the coolness of the cold.
Kept warm by the remnants of heat from light that once shone brightly where I now stand.
Shining for something else. Perhaps even for someone else?

In a Shadow.

Hidden at the feet of a high rise buildings. Covered in the darkness.
Cast by tremendous Architectural feats.
Shadows left by bridges. Beside Corner shops. Grocery stores. And even Bus Stops.

In a Shadow.

Finding home. In the embrace of a silhouette.
Bound tightly by a Web. Spun by the persistent threading.
Of Self Doubt. And endless dreading.
Entangled. Struggling. And submitting.

In a Shadow.

Pacing. From one edge to the other.
Like a Lion in Cage.
Roaring. In Futility.

In a Shadow.
Lacking substance?
Standing in an intersection of a Two Dimensional plane.
Upon the full bodied realness of my body.

In a Shadow.
Yet. Curious.
With a hand extended.
Reaching out to the light.


Grasping the horizon in the palm of my hand.
Removing my shoes.
Feeling the Earth between my feet. With all the texture of her sand.
At the edge of the Shadows.
Leaning Forward?
Still without a relative position. To justify my claim to any real direction.
About to topple over.
Back into the shadows?
Into the light?
Into the Water.




My good friend Gokul Nair.

Follow him on Instagram: GOKU_EXPLORES


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