ESKOM. The State of the Nation

The State of the Nation.
Strained Electrification.

Pained skills exchange.
Two decades. Of resistant change.
Public sector flailing.
Private Sector campaigning.
Blacks out?

Affirmative action said in a breath. Conflated with corruption.
Black Capitalists. Politicians. Feeding lies. For Public consumption.
Bad Planning.
Short cuts. Tied in with freedom songs. Political Posturing.

Apartheid infrastructure.
Unequal services. Defining our colour coded social structure.
Relying on the skills of Engineers of old.
Inter-generational task at hand. Running cold.
Take your time in darkness. Each day. And look within for clarity.
What’s needed now. Is phenomenal solidarity.

Forced darkness brought to cities. Power Failure.
South Africa. Oh, South Africa.
The State of the Nation.

Kapital. Greed.
Ignoring the Public need.
Cast into periodic darkness.
Serving to remind us.
That we descend into crisis.
There is a cost to low cooperation.
No more lies. Don’t pretend. What is reconciliation?

The news now covers all. In detail. With critics. So proud.
Funny they speak now. So very loud.
Where were they when forgotten towns sat in darkness?
With no timetable. No warning. No calls of Independent Power to harness.

Even now in national crisis.
This so called. National consciousness.
Is reached when the elite are forced to taste.
What the majority must face. Everyday. With no time to hesitate.

South Africa. Oh, South Africa.
The State of the Nation.


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