Accidents on a Straight Road.

2015-02-09 14.15.10

Accidents on a Straight Road.

Why are there so many accidents on a straight road?
Why is there so much blood split. On hot tar. Leaving bodies. That now run cold.

What is it that happens on a one way street with not a single bend.
No turns. No surprises.. Surely? With which to contend.

What is it that happens to a straight road?

How many times a day. To the grass islands turn to graves.
Children. Workers. Running across grey. grey. highways.

Is it that brakes often seem to fail?
When the mist is at it’s thickest.
When it’s raining.
When the ice thunders down. Hail.

Yet somehow we still see death. In the daylight.
With brake lights. Flashing red. Bright. Open to be seen. In the plainest of sight.

What is it that happens between here and there?
Can one ever know? Can you even prepare?

Life can feel like a straight road, no?
So clear and so fixed.
Shackling. Almost. With it’s dirty little unseen tricks.

Is this really a straight road?
From Point A. To point B.
Where am I even going? Where are we going?
You & Me.

No matter it’s shape. Pay attention. This much seems clear.
Be weary. Even straight roads have accidents,

It seems, My Dear.


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