The Fear: A letter to those who whisper.

The Fear.

Four days later.
My father arrive 4 days ago, since then I have found myself having to reassure him that I am not en route to join some ISIS-like group.

Sitting next to my father, talking over the stories of the unspeakable violence in Garissa. I can see the reflection of the fear in his eyes that for his son to be saying “political things” preludes disaster – not unlike Garissa.

The Fear.

Indeed my thoughts echoed into the public domain have grown increasingly radical – as documented on this very blog – However it pains me to no end that the nuance and delicacy I have attempted to force into each and every piece has been – all too often ignored.

I have heard whispers for some time. Of persons who have read, or engaged with my social media pages who are growing “concerned” at the anti-white, and anti-West bent of public discussions.

Please allow me to set the record straight.

I am unequivocally anti-White.
What does this mean?
I believe in the pursuit of a non-racial society, “Whiteness” and “Blackness” are social constructs – that have arbitrary and damaging connections to social, political and economic power.
How I understand the project of the pursuit of non-racialism involves different strategies for different positions within the hierarchy inherent in racial classifications.

I am a student of the political philosophy “Black Consciousness” among many that seeks to affirm the dehumanising projects of so called “blackness” onto human bodies so that it can essentially destroy it’s effects.

Am I anti-West?
Let me be clear on this. I am anti-exploitation. And I assume we all are no?
For simplicity my mind is occupied with two kinds of relationships:
Exploitative relationships.

Why do I bother speaking with such binaries?
Very often I maintain this markers in the spirit of the argument laid out by the philosopher Derrida, which used binary oppositions that represent a violent hierarchy that must first be inverted before they it can be decimated, as it shows the need to use binaries solely in order to invert them—without this inversion, they cannot be done away with (Parry, Benita. Postcolonial studies: a materialist critique. Routledge, 2004. [Page 16]).

As a person wading my way through history and political thought (on my own volition, it has become clear to me that the position of “African” if taken seriously is one that is inherently politicised. The “African” must be specifically sensitive to issue of exploitation given our collective history and present situation. I hold this truth to be self evident in my present surroundings.

As I work through these forces tugging my identity, I invite you on these public platforms to engage with me and debate the understanding of the “Role of the African” (read here). As it continues to be a site of investigation as the dreams of our mothers, fathers and ancestors remain unfulfilled.

I am hurt.
Beyond words.
The Fear.
Of how I am saying what I am saying.
Is invoking CNN-like reactions among nameless and faceless persons who will not speak to me directly-
But who would prefer to speak to my family creating wedges between us that carry the weight of “your” issues into something that really isn’t about “you”.

I don’t really know what to do.
I also have “The Fear”.
Discussing Politics is only for conversations and debates with beer.
For Elders delivering lectures about there all-knowing knowledge about what the Government is meant to be doing.
Or about Obama or something.
Discussing Politics is not about getting involved.
That is dangerous.
Then you are a radical.
To be discouraged.

How suffocating?

There is so much fear, that accompanies voices that even dare to reference socialism. Decolonial discontents.
Without channeling the trauma invoked by the memory of the likes of
Idi Amin.

This. “The Fear”
Is so debilitating, it reminds me why for so long I kept so far away from anything political.
I will say one thing.
“You” have been somewhat successful.
I am shaken.
There is nothing really I can do at this point to rid “you” of the “fear”.

Everything from CNN to BBC will beam into your television, stories of young radical souls “tempted” by ISIS and you will sit terrified wondering if your angry sons, daughters and nephews have joined things that will have them on the news screens one evening for something horrible.

The persistent fear mongering will continue to throw all voices that speak out in anti-establishment languages – in one bucket because they are not prepared to address the details and the differences between arguments.

More young people will be forced to send their heads into the sand.
Like Ostriches.
Because of your “fear”.
Of anything that could herald change.

The events of the future will continue to prove to you that debates of “old” have not been settled. The future of the “African” is in a precarious position. Lively debate and persistent discussion and the commitment to objectives – will collectively drive us forward.


Will keep us on our knees.

Continue your whispers.
Destroy my family.
Destroy my spirit and my foundation.
Continue to hide like the cowardice that is characterising your behaviour.
Continue to feed,

“The Fear”

Photocredit: Gokul Nair IG: @goku_explores

Photocredit: Gokul Nair IG: @goku_explores


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