Freedom. Voices in my Head.

Freedom. Voices in my Head.

Today I stepped back into reality.
Last week I escaped into a bubble of dialogue & openness.
Held on a space far away from the city.
In a space where the business of the everyday was replaced by the silence –
Of a nature that could only be provided by a world without clocks and cellphones.

Free to some extent.
Of the voices in my head.

Stepping into the veil. Behind the curtain. Feeling uncertain.
Learning about young people from all over the world –
Who in all their complexity. Appear within minutes to be in essence.
The same.
Unquestionably. The same.

Brought together by a desire to fight back against soul crushing directions of our professions –
That seek to erase us from the profit driven roles the cut us into.
Tied together by a love for Freedom.
That intangible thing. Without form.
Infinite in its interpretations.
Singular in its message.

The voices in my head.
That for a while were reduced to whispers. Quickly returned as I drove into the city.
As I checked through my messages and prepared for the dawn of a new day.
A heaviness faced me.
Is this important?
Where are we running to?
What happens when the voices in your head, are confirmed by the harshness of reality?

“You are not Good enough.
You do not belong here.
What you are doing is not important.

You are not important.
Your history is not worth knowing.
Your anger is not worth showing.
The gears are in motion.
The more things change. The more they stay the same.”

Freedom. The voices in my Head.

I am reminded though –
That there are many voices. In my head.
Countless words of positivity,
That paint colourful hopes and dreams in my mind. Building new realities.
Voices in languages I do not yet understand.
Messages from souls from places I have only ever seen through film.
Voices who have their own plans, struggles and strengths.

These too, if I am prepared to listen – Form voices in my head.

This collection of sounds. Form chaos. Loud uncoordinated chants.
That if you do not listen..
Do not make sense.
If you put aside, for a moment, your rational mind.
They can be understood in a wave of understanding that goes beyond what can be captured by any word or text.

Freedom. From? — Voices in my Head.

You are not worth it.

You are beautiful.

You can’t change anything.

Your very body. Is evidence of change.

Nobody cares.

Your connected in more ways than you can imagine.

You are scared.

You have the courage to still be here.

No one will help you.

If you ask with your full heart. Who dares to refuse you?


You are not alone.
We can do it.
When we are together there is freedom..
From the voices in our heads.



2 thoughts on “Freedom. Voices in my Head.

  1. It’s ridiculous how the capitalist world surrounding us tries to conceal the untapped potential within us the millennials or youth or even the past generations. If only every person believed in the potential within them and their ideas and their hope for change rather than calling themselves “realists”; we can all bring together an unprecedented change that wouldn’t be ego-centric and focusing on profits.

    This is a beautiful blog. Keep writing from deep within. Namaste.

    • Ah thank you so much Suzan! Indeed the structural constraints on our dreams are nothing short of unjust. I really hope that change you speak of is on its way. Will do what one can to be a part of that progression.

      Stay strong
      – Brian

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