My name is Brian Kamanzi. I live in Cape Town South Africa.

These are my musings.


I will do my very best to articulate to you how I see myself and how I see the world in the hopes that through sharing my perspective I am able to come to a happier state of being.

I have one main guideline to my life, and that is that when all is said and done and my time on this Earth is finished my presence on here should have been a positive addition to history. Positive in accordance to my value system (which, of course, is ever in flux).

The themes you will find here are by in large “Anti-Oppression” and I guess sometimes navigating the associated difficulties, contradictions and depressions. Join me in interogating the minefield of the path of the “decolonized mind”.

Again welcome to my blog! And feel free to engage with me and I commit to responding to each and every comment.

Feel free to get in contact with me via:


Twitter: @BrianIKamanzi

Facebook: Brian Ihirwe Kamanzi


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